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Unexpectedly, Stillpoint Magazine is closing our activities, effective December 23, 2022. We, like so many other precariously-funded organizations, suddenly find ourselves unable to continue supporting our team, contributors, or our operations. The spirit and mission of Stillpoint Magazine remains. We hope and envisage a future where Stillpoint Magazine may become reincarnated, but the realities of the current moment make its present iteration unworkable.

Our ambition is to have remain live indefinitely, as a free and open resource supporting public knowledge outside of institutions. All materials previously published as part of our Supporters’ subscription will be made open access, and therefore part of the publicly accessible archive of Stillpoint Magazine.

Keeping this live, however, will require funds, to ensure essential maintenance and hosting remains in place for both the publication and its varied archive of contents. So, we have one final call for support, to you, our loyal readership: Whether you might be able to donate $5 or $50, any contribution will make a huge difference in the longevity of Stillpoint Magazine. You can do so below.

Irregardless of the future, we are grateful to all of you who have seen and contributed to this unique project for which we have cared so much.

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