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by Tao Lin
006: SEIZE

with a video by RICK SILVA

Electrons move through fasciae
at the speed of light in one direction.
Acupuncture has to do with electrons.
Shadow governments are bipartisan.
Steven Greer’s books seem rare.
Editing poetry in my fascia.
In dreams we forget life.
In life we forget Judy Mikovits.
In December or January
chewing grows face bones.
Brains build CB2 receptors
when concussed or toxified.
Trails named Secret, Kimchee,
Escape, Spooks, and Kukui.
Squeezing instead of scratching.
Ron and Prescott gifted us fruit.
Chronic fatigue syndrome is viral.
I contain glass shards, retroviruses,
recombinant human albumin, fetal
bovine serum, ractopamine, shadow
biospheres, biological dark matter,
time loops, hypertime, counterspace,
lunar sinuous rilles, crater chains,
Schizophrenia: A Review of
the Syndrome
, perpetual isolation,
and prolonged narcosis.

TAO LIN writer

Tao Lin is the author of ten books of prose and poetry. His next novel, Leave Society, will be published by Vintage Books in August 2021. He has a website and an Instagram and Twitter. He lives in Hawaii.


Rick Silva‘s videos and installations envision near-future ecologies altered by technology and climate change. Silva was born in 1977 in Brazil and lives in Eugene Oregon where he is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Oregon.

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