by Amelie Wittenberg

An annotated bibliography on female sexuality through the patriarchal unconscious. Compiled and annotated by Amelie Wittenberg.


  • Introduction
  • Fantasy and the Origins of Sexuality — Jean Laplanche & J. B. Pontalis
  • The Queerness of the Drive — Teresa de Lauretiz
  • Discussion Of Green’s “Melanie Klein & The Black Mammy: An Exploration of the Influence Of The Mammy Stereotype on Klein’s Maternal and its Contribution To The ‘Whiteness’ of Psychoanalysis” — Andrew Asibong
  • Confusion of Tongues Between Adults and the Child — Sándor Ferenczi
  • Therapy of Sexual Dysfunctions — Volkmar H. Sigusch
  • Loving Subjects: Narratives of Female Desire — Doreen D’Cruz
  • Penis Envy and Other Bad Feelings: The Emotional Costs of Everyday Life — Mari Ruti

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Amelie Wittenberg is currently getting her second degree in psychology at the International Psychoanalytic University Berlin with a previous degree in Cultural Studies. She is interested in applying interdisciplinary questions on current social issues to the clinical context. She is currently an intern at Stillpoint Magazine (2020).