Memetic Warfare

by Jasmine Erkan

An annotated bibliography exploring the digital and psychological battleground of memes. Compiled and annotated by Jasmine Erkan.


  • Introduction
  • The Selfish Gene, Chapter 11: “Memes: The New Replicators” (1976) – Richard Dawkins
  • Politigram and the Post-left (2021) – Joshua Citarella
  • “It’s Time to Embrace Memetic Warfare” (2016) – Jeff Giesea
  • “Weaponizing Memes: The Journalistic Mediation of Visual Politicization” (2022) – Chris Peters and Stuart Allan
  • Can Jokes Bring Down Governments? (2014) – Metahaven
  • Conclusion

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Jasmine Erkan is a writer and researcher based in Berlin, and her writing explores intersections in politics, technology and digital culture. She holds a BA in political science and an MA specializing in human rights & democratization. Currently, she is working on a memetic worlding project that speculates on a future in which memes are weaponized by a hyper-centralized digital platform.