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by Marie-Aline Roemer


a video by ANDREA KHÔRA

i love her but i’m glad
i didn’t learn about foundation from my mother
the medium-beige craters of her skin make me nervous
i expect mercurial break outs beneath
but she would never listen to the stars

i love my mother
but i wish she would look
at another woman looking at herself in the mirror
and learn to blend her jawline into her neck

i love that woman
but she cakes it on too thick
by the evening i see her pores crumble
i endure trails of ink and sweat the heat leaves in her wrinkles

which i look at almost

because i I love her
but i’m glad i learned to line my face without her help
anticipate crows’ feet and liver-spots
in time, know to carve new contours on my flesh

i love her
and maybe it’s how i was raised
but for years i couldn’t tell oil for water-based foundations
i am still angry that nobody taught me about this
and that I learned it at all

i love it all

but thank god i I didn’t learn to put a face on like my mother
isn’t it enough to have to read her veins
like the back of my own hand?
one day they will make a beige blue belt
across the medium sky               our own made-up constellations

this day will come
i will look up to see another woman looking at the mirror

be caught glimpsing at her
in the small moments

grasping at rising signs
i will learn to love the pieces

and everyday
i will miss things

a wrinkle
a hair on a mole on a vein

her face
an indifference to the universe

Her liquid eyeliner

The creases of an entire firmament


Travel Shields is a video looking at the phenomena of Out of Body Experiences or Astral Traveling and the digital scan. An Astral Traveling experience is classified as the total release of the physical body, enabling the traveller to explore and experience realms outside of the physical dimension and perhaps other universes entirely. Though labelled a pseudoscience by the scientific community, various forms of astral travelling have been recorded across history in nearly all cultures from Biblical mystics to small Inuit groups. In a dedicated subreddit, r/AstralArmy, practitioners and enthusiasts gather online to share experiences, missions, challenges, and techniques to get out of the body. The narration of the video is from one such post by an anon who had a spontaneous Astral Travel experience she was trying to understand. In the video, the artist is also exploring the notion of the 3D scanned avatar, which, through its divorce with the body and isolation into the void of the digital space, exists in a similar space as the amateur Astral Traveler. It is a space of imaginative projection, invention, dream, and potentiality.


Marie-Aline Roemer is a graduate student of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Freie Universität Berlin, where she specializes in Feminist Science and Technology Studies and Medical Anthropology. She has a special interest in poetry and science fiction, and in exploring kinships and oddkins in all their (queer) forms. She currently resides in Berlin.


Andrea Khôra is an artist and researcher based in London. Her practice seeks to comprehend the malleability of reality on personal and societal scales. As a PhD researcher in the Art Department at Goldsmiths, her practice-led project New Sight: The Alchemy of Surveillance into Resistance in Near Future Worlds looks at the history of surveillance, specifically focusing on the mining of occult knowledge systems by the CIA in the cold war as well as the correlation between 1960s–1970s utopian countercultures and the rise of surveillance capitalism. She has been previously based in Seattle, WA, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, and Florence, Italy.

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