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In this issue of our resident podcast, Aaron and Nathalie speak with Michele, who undergoes a physical and visionary purging of life as she knows it, encouraged by experiences of ayahuasca. Now a spiritual practitioner, Michele recounts the ways in which recurring deaths in her family ignited an extraordinary personal spiritual encounter. Later, a near-death experience leaves her in chronic pain and catalyses her search for a way to grieve her losses in the forests of Peru. This undoing causes her life to unfold into a new, synchronous experience of self. Throughout this story, she tells of how crises of trust and faith within contemporary life can be combatted through a reconnection to the flow of the spiritual self.

SEEKING THE SELF is a podcast that explores the nature of self through personal narratives and psychological commentary. We’re co-hosted by DR. AARON BALICK, Director of Stillpoint Spaces International, an organization that seeks to explore psychology, in depth, inside and outside the consulting room; and me, NATHALIE NAHAI, best-selling author and host of The Hive PodcastSeeking the Self is proud to build on our relationship with Stillpoint Spaces to now find our new home within Stillpoint Magazine. Join us in each edition where Seeking the Self will offer an audio experience—crafted by internationally award-winning producer HANA WALKER-BROWN—that explores that issue’s theme, a compliment to the magazine’s rich imagery and text contributions. You’ll find yourself in the eye of the storm, where psychology and culture meet.

~ Nathalie Nahai


Psychotherapist, cultural theorist and media consultant, Aaron Balick (PhD) is the author of The Psychodynamics of Social Networking. For more than a decade he has been taking psychological findings from the clinic and the University and transforming them into useful concepts that can be applied to individuals, organisations and culture.

Aaron is also the Director of Stillpoint Spaces International.


International speaker and author of best-selling book, Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion, Nathalie Nahai’s work explores the psychology of online behaviour, persuasion, ethics, and the impact of technology on culture and society.

She has worked with the BBC, Guardian, Unilever, HBR and Google, and contributes to national publications, TV and radio on the subject.

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Hana Walker-Brown is an International award-winning documentary maker, composer and producer based in London and currently an executive producer at Audible.

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