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by Rashida Taylor
006: SEIZE

fashion feature with photographer


First, she gave away all of her books. No, that wasn’t really the first thing. That took a lot. First, she gave away the things that didn’t belong to her in the first place–things the owners should take care of themselves, as they only wore her down, and the earth didn’t like it. Then, she went to a party, where she could think clearly. Assuming position, back not up against the wall this time, but leaned up against the DJ’s table, so she could climb into the music. That way she could only feel one thing at a time, a thing she agreed with each song–and the DJ–when it came. And it was good that way–sweaty and clear and fun and sad and loud and juicy and happy and full. The people that adored her and deplored her were adoring and deploring, and it was as it should be.

Written in February 2020 by Rashida Taylor, a day after the last party she went to*, in a workshop on Alexis Pauline Gumbs’ Dub: Finding Ceremony, a collection of prose poems taking inspiration from theorist Sylvia Wynter, dub poetry, and ocean life to offer a catalogue of possible methods for remembering, healing, listening, and living otherwise.

Remi wears Sinead O’Dwyer spiral bodysuit with attached shoes developed in collaboration with Tabitha Ringwood.

Remi wears Sinead O’Dwyer SS20 spiral dress.

Remi wears Oshun dress by Àrámmìdé and gloves by Meiyu Song.

Remi wears Sinead O’Dwyer spiral bodysuit with attached shoes developed in collaboration with Tabitha Ringwood.

*Partying is something that has completely seized for most, post Covid-19–we no longer have access to the free space in the dance, or to the community of black bodies in the same place, dressed up, all breathing together, dancing together, sweating together, singing together. Free from the white gaze, misunderstanding, inhibition, the glaring bright lights of oppression, and other such things.

Listen to a playlist of music “from artists whose music and existence act as a reclamation of rights, acknowledgement and respect that were otherwise taken away”, curated by Hasani for Issue 006: SEIZE on the Stillpoint Magazine Spotify profile here.

Makeup: Afrolion
Model: Remi Sade
Movement Direction: Abdourahman Njie

RASHIDA TAYLOR fashion editor

Rashida Taylor is Contributing Fashion Editor of Stillpoint Magazine, a Writer, Fashion Editor & Stylist based in London, encouraged by artistic expressions of the Black experience in all its various forms.

BERNICE MULENGA photographer

Bernice Mulenga was born, raised, and is based in East London. Mulenga is a multidisciplinary artist who prioritizes the use of analog processes. Their work centers the experiences of Black people in the UK, amplified in Mulenga’s ongoing photo series “#friendsonfilm.” Begun in 2016, it has now expanded into a global documentation via their travels. With the use of afro-documentary, “#friendsonfilm” explores the recurring themes surrounding their identity, sexuality, grief, race, family, and Congolese culture.

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