My Work with Jonathan

Word Count: 1,808

by Felicity Runchman

Most therapists, particularly those working with younger clients referred by their families, schools or colleges, will know what it’s like to encounter a client with a central issue or problem that others in their life are eagerly waiting to be resolved.

Creating is Revealing Complexity

Word Count: 990

by Laura Munteanu

I would like to take you back to my childhood. I was around five year old, sitting on a corner of my grandparents’ greenish sofa, in their living room.

Care in the Age of Autonomy

Word Count: 5,498

by Polina Aronson

You make a distinction between ‘caring for’ and ‘caring about’. Could you elaborate on that distinction, and then lead us to why this topic is becoming more relevant nowadays?

On Trauma

Word Count: 2,348

by Elizabeth Carter

Often when people hear the term “trauma” their minds turn to the terrible. They picture escaping from a war zone, physical or sexual abuse, or surviving a natural disaster.

The Kidnapping

Word Count: 2,957

by Anne Marie Wirth Cauchon

I live in the showroom of a Styrofoam distribution center on a county highway in the middle of rural America.

Digital Discontents

Word Count: 3,367

by Dr Aaron Balick

In June, news outlets announced that the World Health Organisation classified “Gaming Disorder” as a mental health condition classified under “disorder due to addictive behaviours”.

‘Bind me-I still can sing-‘

Word Count: 5,118

by Andrea Brady

It was Welcome Week at the university where I teach. Students were arriving, excited, nervous, some imagining a new life in which they could redefine themselves, others perhaps anxious or sad at what they’d left behind or brought with them.

Reading as a Particular Intimacy

Word Count: 1,714

by Sokol Ferizi

One of the most enduring memories of myself learning something in the early years of school, is a physics lesson on surface tension.

Wakanda Therapy is This?

Word Count: 2,287

by Foluke Taylor

The first time I watch Black Panther, at the IMAX cinema, I don’t feel great. If feeling good is the definition of therapeutic then, my first answer is no.

Political Truth in the Age of Populism

Word Count: 9,446

by Leon Brenner

I remember the first text I read by Badiou more than a decade ago. It was a printed copy of an essay called Philosophy and Desire (from Infinite Thought) where he says that philosophy is a logical revolt, it pits thought against injustice.

We Need a New Metaphysics of Nature

Word Count: 759

by Dr Sean McGrath

The Anthropocene is the buzzword of contemporary ecocriticism. Notwithstanding the status of the term’s scientificity (or lack thereof), I find in its account of the historical present the surgical precision of poetry.

Full of Life Now, Compact, Invisible…

Word Count: 1,701

by Sokol Ferizi

Throughout my adolescence, my parents used to remind me how often I had expressed the wish to marry a bride like the mannequins I saw as a child in the windows of wedding shops.

Insights into Improvisation

Word Count: 2,425

by Tim Fairhall

Tim Fairhall has played on many of the most significant stages in Britain and internationally, playing in a diverse bank of musical situations that appear, even from a distance, to explore the convergent nature of contemporary jazz, free jazz and ‘improv’.

Grappling with Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Word Count: 2,525

by Dr Aaron Balick

The sexual assault and misconduct allegations against film producer Harry Weinstein that began to emerge on October 5, 2017 have precipitated a wave of similar allegations against powerful men, in some cases, ending decades long careers.